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MobStyle is an Oregon-based fusion duo with a core of hip hop. In addition to blending genres, they combine electronic and live instruments. Among their qualities are intricate original instrumentals, strong vocal performances and lyricism, high energy stage shows that connect powerfully with the audience, and message filled content that fuels their music. Their goal is to help humanity evolve with their art.


Mark Jones (vocals, instrumentals, guitar)
Coming from a lifelong music theory background, Mark spent his younger years as a guitarist/singer-songwriter, specializing in acoustic rock and choral music. At 14 years old he began producing electronic instrumentals and dabbling in screenplays. At 18 he started performing hip hop as a solo act under the moniker Mob Royalle. Performing throughout the Northwest, Mark gained recognition and respect as one of the premiere artists in the local hip hop scene.

Kristen Nebeker (vocals, poetry)
Kristen was born and raised in the Northwest, and settled in Salem, OR about twelve years ago. Hailing from a poetry background, she is active in her community, and an avid participant in hip-hop culture.
“I have found the perfect way to blend my love for underrepresented people and the arts,” she says. “I have always been passionate about multimedia forms of expression (especially music and writing), and being a voice for the voiceless. Plus, I’ve always been poor. I was destined to love hip-hop.”

In 2009 Kristen and Mark met and their chemistry was instant and undeniable. They began their collaborations with a single song on Mob Royalle’s solo mix tape Runnin Tha Streetz. The song featured Kristen under the pseudonym KriStyle. This planted the seed that would lead to them making much more music together and touring as MobStyle (Mob Royalle + KriStyle), the hip hop duo. They gained rapport with venues and crowds in Oregon Washington and California, and built an international fan base online. Shortly thereafter, they co-founded Evil Genius Creations.


In October 2014 MobStyle released their 10-track debut, The Evil Genius EP as a duo. This release primarily focused on hip hop in its style and delivery, though it dabbled in other influences. The lead single off the project, Who I Am, is a song about individuality and self-knowledge. It was paired with a music video showcasing a planned rally and march, peopled with locals – all protesting the need to conform to societal norms.

In September 2015 they released their single 4Ever Dangerous, featuring Luckyiam of The Living Legends, and Lana Shea (Luck&Lana). This single was well received, as it artfully blends fast-spitting lyricism and epic harmonies with an EDM/Dub step-inspired instrumental. The song was accompanied with a music video in the style of the Scooby Doo cartoons, sponsored by The Holistic Choice dispensary in Salem Oregon.

On March 25th 2016, MobStyle released their first full-length LP, Mythology. They commissioned metal/punk drummer Matt Miller to be featured on 8 songs off of the album. In addition to this, Mark began bringing his guitar work back into the music, the new project took on more of a band sound. They now explore music outside of hip hop so much, that fans and critics alike hesitate to label the duo as any genre. Though hip hop is the immediately recognizable core, there are comparable levels of influence from many rock-related styles. Also well-represented in their current sound are reggae, world, film score music and tribal music.

Mythology is a concept album that best represents the complex influences of the MobStyle’s sound and delivery. The project chronicles a pseudo-allegorical tale of tyranny and revolution, independence and community, and the holistic advancement of the common person and the entire human race.